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What happens to the Engagement Ring after the wedding engagement has been called off

TLDR: Beyonce told you to put a ring on it, and you did, but… now you want the ring back.

The engagement fell through and it’s a stressful time for both parties involved. If the whole relationship fell through, now the property accumulated during the relationship is split up between you both amicably, hopefully. Where the arguments really start seems to be with the engagement ring; who gets to keep it? Many people believe that because the ring was given to the woman that she is entitled to keep it as a gift. WRONG, not in Michigan. Beyonce may be telling guys they better ‘put a ring on it,’ but there is also a way to get that ring back if the engagement falls through.

Couples can argue over who bought this item, and who bought that, but the law around engagement rings is pretty clear. The person who gives the engagement ring is entitled to its return if the relationship is terminated before the wedding. Sadly, in difficult break-ups getting the ring back may require legal action, but with the costs of engagement rings these days it is worth it.

Written by
David Parnell Esq.
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